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Drop cable

Drop cable

Patchcords of fiber-optical cable for external application (or optical cords) are most often used in xPON networks for providing clients with the Internet in the private sector. Their popularity is caused by installation convenience - workers don't need any welding equipment for connection of a client, time spent for works as a result decreases.

Besides, the cable applied in our patchcords is specially chosen to fix on aerial communication lines with flights up to 80 m * (specification). It is reached due to completely dielectric design, small diameter of a cable and application of special clips of the H3 Wedge and H3(d) type.

It turns out that together with the GJS-X30 (or GJS-X20) and Dividers of an optical signal (with endings) appears a possibility of connection of end customers without use of any welding equipment, within the smallest time.

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