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On this page we hereby present equipment for a network of access to worldwide network organization on the basis of xPON technology under the Fiberland and BDCOM brands.

As client subscriber are used terminals Fiberland FL-700W, Extralink GEPON G1, BDCOM 1501c (rev.1). These are at reasonable price, high-quality and functional client devices provided with subscriber’s devices direct connection (whether it be a router, the switchboard, personal computer or a laptop).  

Provider presents OLT manufactured by BDCOM company (models 3310B-AC and 3310B-2AC) and ZTE (ZXA10 C320 model).

Wintelecom company delivers also external fiber-optical patchcords (sometimes they are called optical cords or drops) for fast and convenient connection of subscribers in the conditions of the last mile. The fiber applied in these patchcords is made as per G.657 recommendations and has the increased flexibility. Mainly the general cable construct is picked up specially for use on big flights (up to 80 m) when using of anchor and supporting clips of H3 (d) and P1/P3.

H3 type clips have been made especially for fastening of a cable of a dielectric design of the self-bearing execution and have no analogs in the ratio price/quality.

The supporting clips can be applied to any suspended cable and have broad application.

The last in the list, but not on importance a component of any modern network of access is a fiber-optical cable.

We present on our website fiber-optical cables of Yuzhkabel and Odeskabel plants, which are similar in construct, but a bit different according to characteristics (such brands as OCPS and OKT-D respectively). Both of these cables perfectly are suitable for application in the xPON networks due to their lightweight and strong design, flexibility and small diameter. Not the last role plays a low price in comparison with cables with a portable steel power element and also sewer and soil. 

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